Monthly Archives: February 2020

Why Online Medical Supplies Are Becoming Popular

For more than two decades, Danlee Medical Products, Inc. has been a premier source for cardiology supplies and equipment. Our inventory includes a wide-ranging selection of medical supplies and related specialized products for cardiology patient care, including blood pressure monitoring, ultrasound/echo, vital sign monitoring, standard EKG, stress testing, and more.

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Your Authorized Cardiology Supply Provider

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we have more than 25 years of experience as a premier cardiology product and equipment provider. Within our inventory is an extensive selection of cardiology equipment and supplies that enhance the ability of medical professionals to provide cardiology services to patients, including cardiology testing with routine EKG, echo/ultrasound, vital sign monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, stress testing, and more.

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What Are Some Important Concerns When Placing ECG Electrodes

Electrodes are offered in various adhesive strength, size, packaging, and backing options. Due to these various options, it may seem complicated to select the proper electrode for a particular application. However, at Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we can help. We offer an extensive range of electrocardiogram electrodes for various patient monitoring situations.

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