Advantages of Bringing Your Pet to Work

Not everyone is excited about waking up in the morning to go work all day in an office. Maybe you are, but I am sure there have been days where you just weren’t up to it. One of the best ways to improve the overall mood of an office setting is to bring a dog/pet into the office. You may be skeptical at first but, I assure you the benefits highly outweigh any disadvantages the pet may bring. 

My name is Dan Walton and here at Danlee Medical Products I have been fortunate enough to recently start bringing my 5 month year old English bulldog named Boris to work. Everyone loves to see Boris and you can see such a big difference especially in the morning. As soon as Boris walks through the door everyone’s face lights up with big smiles and they give Boris all kinds of attention and even starting interacting with each other more as well which helps co-workers bond. You really see a more genuine side of people when they interact with pets and I think that by bringing a pet to work you add an element of home life into the office setting. Bringing your pet to work is also good for him/her as well because he receives companionship from many different people. Research has shown that dogs may actually lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety.

Obviously there are a few downsides or things you may have to deal with when bringing a pet to work. Some of these include, chewing (if not fully trained), bathroom breaks, allergies, and in the case of Boris, farts. The only downside that I could see being a major problem is allergies but, I suppose you could just check with your employees/co-workers beforehand.

If you want to improve the overall mood of your office bring your pet to work and you will notice that your employees/co-workers will become much more happy and enjoyable to be around. Happy employees are also generally more productive as well.

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