Believe and Achieve!

Tim Walton

When you set goals to achieve physically, you have to be honest and realistic.  Genetics, time, equipment, nutrition, knowledge, and supplementation are all key, but the drive and motivation to attain those goals are the real driving force and the most important element.

“What the mind believes, the body achieves.”  I think the first time I heard that, it wasArnoldsaying it.  He knew that the mind was more of a limiting factor than the body.  He was a huge believer in visualization, kind of a self-hypnosis that has caught on with elite athletes in the past couple of decades.  You envision yourself completing an exercise movement, lifting a weight or certain number of reps, etc, that you haven’t before.  He used to imagine his biceps as mountains and we all see where that ended up.

We used to experiment manipulating this back in the day.  A person would be doing bench presses and one of us would be on each end of the bar.  The plan was, after warming up, to put the heaviest weight possible on the bar that the person could lift, then when he did it , we’d strip off a plate on each side, he’d do another set, and we’d work our way down to the bar and one plate one each side. In this scenario the person started off with his maximum weight and after his first set, unknown to him, we actually added a plate on both sides, then again and again.  He actually ended up benching 40 pounds over his former max because his mind actually thought he was moving a lighter weight than what he was. 

Emotions and mind set can also be manipulated.  My son learned this when he was around 5 years old.  I had taken him out sledding in fairly deep snow and we had been out for quite awhile.  He was trying to trudge up the hill for probably the 80th time, when he looked at me ½ way up the hill and stated that he couldn’t make it any further.  I said, “That’s ok buddy.  We’ll pack it up and …….”OH MY GOD!! WOLVES!!!”, as I pointed behind him and turned around and ran.  He shot past me so fast he was on top of the snow.  I actually felt kind of bad afterwards, but we look back at it now and laugh.  He saw at an early age that his mind could overrule his body.

To sum it up, don’t let your mind be the limiting factor when it can actually be your greatest asset. Learn techniques to tap into its abilities.  As we used to say in the military, “Your mind is your primary weapon.  Everything else is an accessory.”


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