Benefits of Purchasing Durable Medical Equipment

Sometimes older adults have medical conditions and needs that are related to their age and physical condition. Sometimes this requires the use of specialized equipment to help remain active and healthy. The class of medical supplies that covers some of these conditions is called durable medical equipment (DME). At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we have you covered with a wide array of exceptional cardiology equipment and devices, some of which fall into the category of durable medical equipment.

What is Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable medical equipment can enhance the mobility of those who are having difficulty moving short or long distances after an operation or recovery from an illness. Under the banner of DME are safety devices that help protect seniors from physical injury. There are various sources from which seniors can get this equipment, including through medical equipment online shopping from certain sources, such as cardiology equipment providers and more – and some or all of the cost maybe covered as well.

Durable medical equipment includes a wide range of medical products that include personal medical appliances, safety devices, and other types of therapeutic equipment. There are three major categories into which durable medical equipment falls. These are:

Mobility Aids

Seniors often experience gradual degradation of mobility as they age. Certain types of durable medical equipment can help these seniors remain active. Some of these devices are not complex, but relatively simple and easy to use such as walking canes or mechanical reaching aids. Other mobility-based durable medical equipment can include scooters, back and leg braces, wheelchairs, elevators, and stairlifts.

Safety Devices

Many seniors have safety devices in their homes such as guard rails, shower chairs, bumpers for sharp edges, and lift bars. Other devices that are often categorized as safety devices include door and window alarms, medical call buttons, lifeline alert systems, and cabinet safety locks for seniors with dementia conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. Certain orthopedic braces and other devices designed to be worn are made to prevent injury and so may be defined as safety equipment under the durable medical equipment category.

Therapy Equipment

Some durable medical equipment is designed to help seniors improve from a medical condition or recover effectively from an injury. Some of the items that fall under the category of therapy equipment and DME include orthopedic shoes, dentures, eyeglasses, including some exercise tools and prosthetic devices. If an adjustable bed is required to manage a chronic condition such as congestive heart failure or sleep apnea, it may also be considered medical equipment. Also, regarding equipment used to deliver oxygen to patients, the masks, tubing, regulators, and tanks, but not the oxygen, may be considered therapy equipment.

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