Buying a Holter Monitor: How Much Does It Cost and What to Consider?

A Holter monitor is a device for monitoring the heart that collects and stores electrical signals from the heart and displays the heart’s rhythm in a graphical form referred to as an electrocardiograph. Doctors are able to check if the heart is functioning properly and diagnose various heart issues that require treatment through an ECG. At Danlee Medical Products, we offer Holter monitors and other devices to help medical professionals provide exceptional quality cardiology testing and monitoring services.

The Cost of Holter Monitors

Many Holter monitors run anywhere from the hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per unit. Before purchasing an ECG Holter monitor for home use, consider the following criteria first:


Holter monitors reveal the average heart rate and the slowest and fastest heart rate. They also detect any pauses in the heartbeat and the length of those pauses. These monitors can discover fast heart rhythms as well, enabling proper diagnosis. In addition, make sure the ECG monitor you purchase has FDA approval in the USA or other relevant agency in another country.

Activities Allowed

Traditional Holter monitors do not accommodate certain activities that may pull the patches from the skin such as showering or other intensive movements, or which may diminish the quality of the heart signal reported. This should also be considered with the selection of a particular Holter monitor.


Evaluate how easy it is to use a particular Holter monitor. Some monitors require professional fitting to make sure the patches and wires are properly attached to the skin in the correct places.


The investment in your health or the health of another is one of the most important investments you can make. However, the purchase of equipment such as a Holter monitor must be balanced with price as well. Consider the cost along with other factors mentioned above and determine how often you are likely to use the monitor when making your purchase decision.

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