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What are the Advantages of a Holter Monitor?

When the heart beats in an abnormal fashion, the condition is referred to as arrhythmia. This includes the heart racing, working too slow, or skipping a beat. If a doctor diagnoses you with this condition, he or she may recommend you wear a Holter monitor for a number of days to record the activity of your heart over an extended period of time. This monitor may be worn during hospitalization or while at home performing routine tasks. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc. we offer various Holter monitors, including Welch Allyn and Philips models that provide accurate heart monitoring and testing. Continue reading

What Are The Reasons For Using A Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is used to record the electrical activity of the heart on a continuous basis over a period of one to two days. This type of heart monitor performs an extended version of an electrocardiogram (ECG). This form of monitoring enables cardiology professionals to monitor and diagnose myocardial ischemia (reduced supply of blood to the heart) and cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats). At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for a number of ECG Holter monitor products, including Philips and Welch Allyn monitors, for accurate patient monitoring and testing. Continue reading

Why is a Holter Monitor Used?

Holter monitors are portable instruments doctors have patients wear in order to diagnose a potential heart medical condition. These monitors allow doctors to measure the heart’s activating (rhythm and heart rate) in order to determine the status of the heart’s condition. A patient often wears this Holter monitor device for somewhere between 24 to 48 hours while going about a normal day’s activities. Doctors may prescribe the wearing of this monitor for a variety of reasons. Continue reading

What Is the Purpose of a Holter Monitor?

The Holter monitor is device patients are prescribed to wear when their doctors need them to diagnose and evaluate certain heart-related issues. These help determine the functioning of the heart by measuring the heart’s rate and rhythm. Patients usually wear the device for one to two days while going about everyday life. Doctors may direct patients to wear a Cardiac Holter monitor for various reasons. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for a wide range of cardiology products, including Holter monitors.

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Buying a Holter Monitor: How Much Does It Cost and What to Consider?

A Holter monitor is a device for monitoring the heart that collects and stores electrical signals from the heart and displays the heart’s rhythm in a graphical form referred to as an electrocardiograph. Doctors are able to check if the heart is functioning properly and diagnose various heart issues that require treatment through an ECG. At Danlee Medical Products, we offer Holter monitors and other devices to help medical professionals provide exceptional quality cardiology testing and monitoring services. Continue reading