Flu Season a busy time for Health Care Providers

Here in Danlee’s Headquarters, a number of our staff members are out sick with the flu, a cold, or even Pneumonia. It’s that time of year and it’s certainly going around!

Every year at this time we see a big surge in orders of needles, syringes, sharps containers, disinfectant, gloves, face/eye protection items and more.

Oftentimes medical offices wait until the last minute to order these items, making it even more difficult to get them as suppliers like Danlee begin to run low.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), flu season in the US most commonly peaks between December and February, but it can begin as early as October.

Well, October is hear and now is the time to order needles, syringes and more! To see what we have available and place your order, Click Here!

flu items

On another note, we know that Halloween is coming up and for the month of October we’d like to offer free candy to anyone who orders $100 or more of Flu Season Product or any other medical products we sell on www.DanleeMedical.com! To see the wide array of medical products we have available in cardiology and beyond, Click Here!

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