How Accurate are Holter Monitors?

As a wearable monitor that is battery-operated, a Holter monitor constantly records the electrical tracings of the heart, referred to as EKGs over a period of 24 to 48 hours. This monitor can be worn throughout the day during normal activities. It detects heart rhythm problems. Often it uses 4 to 7 leads that are attached to the chest wall with electrodes that resemble stickers. and a cardiologist reviews the tracings after a certain period of wearing the monitor. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer Holter monitor systems and other devices to help medical professionals provide optimum cardiology testing and monitoring services.

Keeping a Patient Diary

It is important for patients to keep a diary that consists of a record of the type and timing of any symptoms they experience. This information can be compared with the tracings to see if any abnormal tracings and symptoms are related. Problems can occur with interpreting a Holter monitor’s test results when the patient fails to keep an accurate diary.

Holter Monitor Results

Holter monitors show the slowest and fastest heart rate and the average heart rate. They also recognize any pauses and the length of those pauses. A Holter monitor can detect fast heart rhythms, enabling their proper characterization.

How Much Do Holter Monitors Catch?

A Holter monitor is only able to detect something if it happens during the timeframe in which the device is worn. As a consequence, these monitors are usually used most effectively on patients that exhibit symptoms on virtually a day-to-day basis. The monitor may be less effective if symptoms are exhibited less frequently. In this case, the next step may involve the use of a longer-term monitor. However, a Holter monitor may still be used to perform an initial evaluation of the patient. This can make more sense from a cost and technical viewpoint.

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