How Does an ECG Monitor Work?

If you have ever had your heart checked at a medical clinic or the hospital, you may have been checked with an ECG monitor. Below we cover information about an ECG and how an ECG monitor works. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc. we are your source for high-grade ECG machines from top brands in the medical industry.

What is an ECG?

An ECG is an abbreviation for electrocardiogram, a test that records the electrical activity of the heart and displays that activity on a screen or moving paper. An ECG test analyzes the rhythm of the heart and any abnormal activities or other issues it may be experiencing that indicate the potential for a serious health issue such as a heart attack or stroke.

The Operation of an ECG Monitor

An ECG monitor is required to record an ECG trace. The monitor records the time and strength of electrical signals that travel through the heart in a P wave graph output. Standard monitors use wires and patches that are attached to electrodes on the body that covey data from the ECG trace to a receiver.

The type of test performed determines the length of the ECG test. The test may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Some devices are designed to provide monitoring of the heart over a period of several days to as long as a couple of weeks. A Holter monitor is designed for this longer-term monitoring.

Holter Monitor

The Burdick Vision Holter monitor PC-based system we offer organizes and evaluates data from an ECG sent from the Holter recorder. This state-of-the-art technology provides prompt results for cardiac professionals. It also provides fast and efficient editing and data review through the meticulous and systematic artifact ID it achieves.

The ECG monitor system includes self-guided menus and online videos to help make system operation as easy as possible for the new user. After the analysis, the Holter monitor system also generates a user chosen report.

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