Priority Medical Devices for COVID Prevention, Diagnostics, and Management

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There is a wide range of medical devices available for use for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of COVID-19. Some of these devices are mentioned below.

Masks and Respirators

Surgical masks and face masks are top priority medical devices used in the fight against the coronavirus. Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals use these devices on a continual basis for protection. Respirators are also used extensively for life sustaining and saving measures for serious to critically ill COVID-19 patients.

In Vitro Diagnostic Tests

These tests include COVID-19 tests and antibody tests. Diagnostic tests detect if an active coronavirus infection is present and determine any necessary quarantine and isolation needed measures if a positive test result is obtained.


These devices pump air which consists of additional oxygen into a patient’s airways when the patient has lost the capacity to breathe sufficiently on his or her own. These devices are essential for patients who have had their lung function severely weakened.

Gowns, Gloves, and other PPE

Medical gloves are vitally important in the healthcare field for the prevention of the spread of illnesses and infections. The types of medical disposable gloves available include surgeons’ gloves and patient examination gloves. In addition, isolation gowns are used by medical personnel during the care of patients confirmed to have or suspected of having a COVID-19 infection.

Protective eyewear may also be used by some medical personnel during activities in which close or face-to-face contact is carried on for a prolonged period of time with a potentially COVID-19 infected patient.

Other Medical Devices

Temperature measuring devices, hospital beds, mattresses, stretchers, glucose meters, and ultraviolet lamps are all examples of devices used to treat, diagnose, and manage patients with COVID-19.

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