What Are ECG Electrodes and Where Do You Place Them?

Capturing accurate EKG/ECG signal is vital for researchers and medical professionals in order to obtain accurate knowledge and medical diagnosis and results. ECG examines the electrical activity of the heart produced during by myocardial contraction and relaxation. This activity is measured by electrodes placed on certain areas of the chest. The signals produced indicate the heart’s rate and heart rate variability, along with arrhythmia, waveform morphology, and other heart activity and functions. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a selection of ECG electrodes for sale required by cardiology professionals.

Challenges to Recording Clean Electrode Signals

While performing a 12-lead ECG, cardiology professionals may find it challenging at times to obtain clean signals from the heart’s activity. A number of factors need to be in place for a successful reading. These include the subject remaining comfortable, proper setup of the ECG equipment, and the proper positioning of the electrodes on the limbs and torso of the patient’s body.

Electrode Placement

Before attaching electrodes to the required locations on the patient’s body, it is important to wipe the area of application thoroughly with one or more skin cleansing (alcohol) swabs to remove any oil resting on the skin – something which can cause drift in the ECG signals.

After cleaning the skin, the locations for the electrodes may be identified for placement as follows:

V1 – 4th intercostal space positioned to the right side of the sternum
V2 – 4th intercostal space positioned to the left side of the sternum
V3 – Located between the V2 and V4 leads
V4 – 5th intercostal space positioned at the midclavicular line
V5 – At the left anterior axillary line, level with V4
V6 – At mid-axillary line, level with V5

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