What Are Foam Electrodes Used For?

Foam monitoring electrodes fend off fluids and consist of conductive adhesive hydrogels that result in superb adhesion and reliable, clear tracings. Foam electrodes utilize a dual layer, patented technology and deliver optimal performance, durability, and longevity. Many electrodes are multi use and also hypoallergenic. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we deliver a wide array of electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes for various monitoring situations, patients, and patient skin types.

Here are a few examples of the foam electrodes we offer to help you fulfill your cardiology diagnostic and treatment requirements:

Vermed® Solid Gel Foam Electrode

The Vermed Solid Gel Foam Electrode is ideal for use in Holter cardiac tests or stress tests. It is 42 mm round, latex free, and features Ag/Ag Chloride. The electrodes are manufactured from exceptional quality materials to precise standards for enhanced reliability and performance. This solid gel foam electrode is manufactured diaphoretic foam which has excellent pliability and conforms well to the skin.

ConMed Suretrace® Foam Conductive Adhesive Gel Electrode

The ConMed Suretrace® Foam Conductive Adhesive Gel Electrode is a small electrode with the teardrop shape that provides excellent electrode placement flexibility and delivers sufficient adhesion for basic monitoring applications. It has a closed cell foam that delivers an impervious barrier to stop the penetration of fluids into the electrode. It is latex free and consists of Ag/Ag chloride which makes it perfect for use with sensitive skin to improve the patient’s experience.

GE Medical SilverTRACE Oval Snap Wet Gel Foam Electrode

The GE Medical SilverTRACE Oval Snap Wet Gel Foam Electrode is used for ECGs. It consists of a non-radiolucent electrode with snap connectors, wet gel, oval shape, and Ag/Ag chloride. It is latex free, possesses aggressive adhesion, and delivers a noise-free trace from a clear signal.

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