What Are Medical Electrodes Used For

Electrodes are a crucial component in patient testing and monitoring procedures. EKG monitoring electrodes come in a number of different adhesive strength, size, packaging, and backing combinations. Because of this, it can be a challenge to choose the right medical electrodes for your application. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an array of electrocardiogram electrodes for various monitoring scenarios, patients, patient skin types, including Vermed electrodes and Vyaire electrodes.

Operation of Medical Electrodes

Medical electrodes operate by conveying the body’s ionic current energy into electrical current that can be increased and evaluated for the diagnosis of various diseases, including muscular, ocular, nervous, and cardiac. Medical electrodes are key elements in delivering the proper amount of electrical contact between the device used to measure record activity and the patient. These electrodes consist of metal, lead, and a gel or pasted conducts the electrodes.

There are various types of medical electrodes, including single-use or disposable (without gel and pre-gelled), saline-based, reusable disc (gold, silver, tin, stainless steel), and headbands.

The product line of disposable EKG electrodes we offer includes exceptional options for various types of adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. These electrodes are designed to function effectively for a number of different procedures, including resting EKG, stress testing, in addition to short and long-term monitoring.

Our selection of cardiology electrodes, including Vyaire electrodes and Vermed electrodes, enable medical professionals to fulfill the needs of various applications, including telemetry, resting, stress, Holter, and monitoring. The options available with the cardiology electrodes we offer include various materials and shapes, in addition to solid gel and wet options.

Purchasing Electrodes

If you need a source of EKG electrode supplies or other cardiology supplies, we offer a wide range of monitoring electrodes, EKG electrodes, disposable ECG electrodes, and foam electrodes. The resources and options we offer are beneficial to our customers in terms of quality and price.

We invite you to shop the medical electrodes on our website for medical facilities and practices. To learn more about the electrode options we offer, give us a call today at 800.433.7797 or use our contact form to send us a message.