What Are Some Important Concerns When Placing ECG Electrodes

Electrodes are offered in various adhesive strength, size, packaging, and backing options. Due to these various options, it may seem complicated to select the proper electrode for a particular application. However, at Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we can help. We offer an extensive range of electrocardiogram electrodes for various patient monitoring situations.

Through our extensive selection of electrodes you can find the perfect medical electrodes to help you provide the functionality and quality necessary to effectively serve your cardiology patients.

The Importance of Correct ECG Electrode Placement

The placement of EKG electrodes is standardized, enabling an accurate trace recording and ensuring comparability among records taken at various times.

Inadequate electrode placement can produce mistaken interpretations that produce inaccurate results. Even small lead placement deviations from the correct position can produce clinical changes on the EKG.

Variability in accuracy may also be caused by subject factors, including recent dietary intake, smoking, position, respiration, and obesity.

Therefore, it is highly important to ensure electrodes are placed according to standardize rules and the patient is properly prepared for the procedure.

Our Cardiology Electrodes

The line of ECG electrodes we offer include options various types of adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. The options we offer in electrodes are designed to add to the effectiveness of patient care in various procedures, including stress tests, long-term monitoring, short term monitoring, and resting ECG.

Our product line of cardiology electrodes allows you to select from a number of different electrode options for various application requirements, including telemetry, resting, Holter, monitoring, and stress. Our options cover various sizes, shapes, and materials. Among these products there also solid and wet gel options.

Purchase ECG Electrodes

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