What are the Benefits of a Portable ECG Machine?

Personal, portable electrocardiogram (ECG) devices can help you monitor the activity of your heart regardless of your location, at home or out and about. Portable ECGs can be connected to mobile applications which enable the analysis of heart activity data in a matter of seconds. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a range of portable ECG machine options to help you effectively monitor your heart’s activity at home.

Some of the benefits of using a portable ECG machine include:

Measure Heartbeat Anomalies During Daily Activities

When using a portable ECG machine, it is important to have the device perform heartbeat measurements while you are engaging in everyday activities, except while bathing or taking a shower. You can also connect the electrodes to the monitor wirelessly through certain wireless devices, minimizing distraction.

Stay at Home and Monitor ECG

Most people prefer to stay out of the hospital if possible if they can obtain care at home. Therefore, using a portable ECG machine and being helped by a family member is often preferred. ECG measurements are easier than ever today with technologies such as wireless ECG, miniature ECG monitors, and Internet data transfer between the device at home or anywhere and the hospital.

You will also be able to save money staying out of the hospital while using an ECG machine that is affordable for what it is able to do. Once you learn how to use the device and the basics of interpreting an ECG, you can understand better the output from the device related to the activity of your heart.

Use Instead of a Holter Monitor

You can use a home ECG instead of a Holter monitor which records rhythms of the heart. A Holter monitor is worn over a period of 24 to 48 hours while the person engages in normal everyday activities. Although a Holter monitor can detect episodes with the heart that happen daily, it is not ideal for monitoring irregular cardiac occurrences.

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