What Does a Holter Monitor Do?

A cardiac Holter monitor records the small electrical signals the heart produces and sends to the surface of the chest. This type of monitor keeps track of the rhythm of the heart and produces a chart from this data referred to as an electrocardiograph. This type of monitor is usually worn by the patient. The data collected over a period of time from the device helps cardiology professionals to determine if the heart is functioning properly or if there is a problem. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an array of Holter monitors for sale, including the Welch Allyn Holter Monitor and Phillips Holter Monitor to help cardiology personnel deliver exceptional quality cardiology monitoring and testing.

Tests Performed by a Holter Monitor

Holter monitors display the EKG trace of the heart in graphical form that has the appearance of a long procession of peaks and valleys. A specialized heart doctor (electrophysiologist) evaluates this output to diagnose any potential heart ailments, such as tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, and other arrhythmias. Usually, the patient will wear the monitor on an outpatient basis. The monitoring process involves wearing the same type of patches on your chest as with a standard EKG.

A doctor will often order a cardiac Holter monitor test if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of potential heart problems and a standard resting EKG does not identify the cause – these symptoms may include heart palpitations, fainting, low blood pressure shortness of breath, and others.

Holter Monitor Compared to an Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram only records a few seconds or minutes of the heart’s activity. Some heart problems, however, manifest infrequently and happen as a response to certain activities. Therefore, they are unlikely to be captured with an electrocardiogram. A cardiac Holter monitor, on the other hand, records the heart’s activity over a period of days or even a week, which makes it much more likely to capture certain heart issues previously mentioned.

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