What EKG Machines Do and When You Need an EKG

An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG for short) is a test performed to check the patient’s heart. It is important to know when you may or may not need an EKG. At Danlee Medical Products, we offer an extensive supply of EKG machines from popular manufacturers in the medical industry. The various brands we carry include GE, Burdick, and Welch Allyn, all competitively priced and dependable.

How is an EKG Performed?

Unlike other procedures you may receive at a doctor’s office or medical facility, an EKG is a painless and non-invasive procedure. In addition, the results are available quickly, so you do not have to wait another day for a phone call from the doctor’s office.

An EKG is performed with the application of sensors, referred to as electrodes, placed on the chest for several minutes. These electrodes are simply pads that attach to you and the scanner and peel off relatively easily after the test is finished. They can cause some minor discomfort when removed, just like the removal of a bandage. The electrodes detect electrical signals coming from your heart. They do not produce electricity.

EKG machines measure the timing and strength of these electrical signals and display the results in graphical form with spikes moving up and down from a horizontal line.

What an EKG Machine Detects

An EKG detects particular heart irregularities. These include:

  • Structural problems with the heart

  • Irregular heartbeat rhythm, called arrhythmia

  • Any indication of the previous heart attack

  • Partially or completely obstructed arteries, which indicates possible coronary artery disease or heart disease

Why Get an EKG

EKG machines are often used to detect heart disease so that proper diagnosis and treatment can follow to prevent occurrences such as a heart attack. There are several reasons why individuals will have an EKG test performed:

  • To evaluate indications of heart disease such as heart palpitations, pain in the chest, dizziness, weakness, or shortness of breath.

  • Before being placed on particular prescription medications that may cause cardiovascular complications.

  • To fulfill occupational requirements – an EKG is used to evaluate an individual’s ability to handle physically demanding job duties.

  • Because of family history of heart disease or other concerning health conditions and before the start of a new exercise regimen or other physically demanding activity.

Checking the heart through an EKG in these instances is beneficial in order to make appropriate decisions regarding treatment or whether or not to engage in certain activities.

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