What is a Holter Monitor Used For

You may have encountered a cardiac monitor if you have undergone any type of testing for a heart condition in the past. Below we cover some of the functions of these monitors and the differences between cardiac monitors and event monitors. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer Holter monitors, including the Philips Holter monitor, and other cardiology devices to help medical personnel provide high quality cardiology testing and monitoring for their patients.

Cardiac Events

A cardiac event involves an irregularity with the heart, typically a severe event such as heart arrhythmia, heart attack, or stroke.

Holter ECG Monitors

A heart monitor also referred to as a cardiac monitor allows for the continual monitoring of the heart’s activity through electrocardiography (ECG/EKG). Outside of the confines of a medical facility, the heart may be monitored with an ambulatory cardiac monitor worn by the patient at home. A doctor can monitor the function of the heart through the use of this monitor for a period of time in order to properly detect and diagnose any irregular cardiac activity.

A cardiac Holter monitor is often used as one of these ambulatory heart monitors. It is a battery-operated, portable device that measures and records the heart’s activity for a number of days. Doctors often have patients wear a Holter monitor for one or two days, or more in order to effectively monitor cardiac events, atrial fibrillation, or suspected strokes.

Holter Monitors vs. Event Monitors

A Holter monitor records the behavior of the heart on a continuous basis. An event recorder only tracks the heart’s activity for a short period of time with the recording started by the user. Event recorders are not viewed as effective as Holter monitors due to the fact that many types of heart issues can occur suddenly without preceding symptoms. Holter monitors continuously monitor the heart and can capture an event when it occurs.

If you are looking for an effective cardiac monitor, Holter monitors fit the bill.

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