What Is the Purpose of a Holter Monitor?

The Holter monitor is device patients are prescribed to wear when their doctors need them to diagnose and evaluate certain heart-related issues. These help determine the functioning of the heart by measuring the heart’s rate and rhythm. Patients usually wear the device for one to two days while going about everyday life. Doctors may direct patients to wear a Cardiac Holter monitor for various reasons. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for a wide range of cardiology products, including Holter monitors.

Wearing a Holter Monitor

If you experience an irregular/abnormal heart rhythm, you may be given an electrocardiogram that determines heart rate and rhythm. However, any abnormalities you are experiencing may not necessarily occur during the time of your ECG since the test is short in duration – just several minutes. For this reason, your cardiologist may have you wear a cardiac Holter monitor for a much longer length of time as mentioned above, to help ensure a recording of the heart anomaly. The opportunity to capture heart issues is greater with a Holter monitor, such as a Welch Allyn Holter monitor, Philips Holter monitor, since some issues only happen in response to certain conditions or activities.

Evaluating Heart Conditions

If you have a heart condition that increases the possibility of experiencing an unnatural heart rhythm, you may be asked to wear a Holter monitor to evaluate your heart. Along with this, the cardiologist may ask you to maintain a diary of your activities throughout the day. This test may reveal more information that explains any heart palpitations, heart fluttering, fainting, or dizziness you have experienced.

The Holter monitor records on a continuous basis while you wear it as opposed to an event monitor that only records your heart’s activity when an abnormal symptom or event occurs. Combined with your diary and a beat-by-beat record, a doctor can also diagnose issues that are producing symptoms.

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