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Clarity Urocheck 120 Urine Analyzer – item #DTG-UAM
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Clarity Urocheck 120 Urine Analyzer – item #DTG-UAM is fast, easy to use and can perform up to 120 tests per hour. This unit features a Q.C. lockout with preprogrammed values and pass-fail summary. Together with the appropriate accessories this unit can assist with testing for leukocytes, Nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, ketone, specific gravity, bilirubin and glucose.


• Q.C. Lockout with Preprogrammed Values and Pass-Fail Summary
• Operator Lockout (Administrator and Operator Password Protection)
• Fast and Easy to Use
• Patient ID Input via Manual or Bar Code Reader
• Seamless data transfer to EMR/LIS with Clarity's Urocheck Connect Middleware Solution
• Up to 120 tests per hour
• Flagging for abnormal results
• 2000 Test Internal Memory
• Runs the Clarity 4OB, 5OB, URO7, and 10SG Urine Strips
• Automatic Paper Feeder
• Automatic Calibration and Self Check
• USB and RS232 Ports
• Large LCD Display
• Competitively Priced 

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