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ECG Electrodes for Sale

Electrodes are a vital and important element in patient monitoring and testing procedures. ECG electrodes are available in numerous combinations of size, adhesive strength, backing, and packaging options. As a result, it may seem difficult in some cases to choose the right electrode for a particular application. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we provide a range of electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes for various patients, monitoring situations, and patient skin types. Through our comprehensive electrode selection, you can find the ideal medical electrodes to help you achieve the necessary quality and functional requirements as you serve your cardiology patients.

Cardiology Electrodes

Our product line of disposable ECG electrodes includes perfect options for all types of adult cardiac diagnostic and monitoring applications. The various electrode options we offer are designed to operate efficiently for various procedures, including long term monitoring, stress test, resting ECG, and short term monitoring. Danlee Medical Products, Inc. is an authorized holter equipment provider of the most respected, quality brands in the industry including 3M, Vermed, Ambu, Philips, Vyaire, Welch Allyn, Kendall, Nikomed and more.

Our cardiology electrode product line allows you to choose from numerous electrode options to meet the needs of various applications, including stress, resting, telemetry, monitoring, and Holter. The options we offer include various shapes, and sizes. Cardiology electrode options also include a choice of materials. In addition, wet and solid gel options are available with these products.

Buy ECG Electrodes

If you are searching for quality ECG electrode suppliers or other cardiology product distributors, we offer an extensive selection of EKG electrodes, monitoring electrodes and disposable ECG electrodes. Price and quality are both beneficial features of the electrode options we offer to meet your cardiology patient care needs.

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FAQs Electrodes

Question: How Many Times Can The Electrodes Be Used?
Electrodes used in medical settings are typically disposable, which means they are use once with a single patient and then discarded. Individual home use allows for reuse of pads and electrodes by a single patient.

Question: Do Your Electrodes Contain Latex?
Danlee offers a wide selection of electrodes that are both hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Question: Are Your Electrodes Disposable?
Danlee offers both multi-use, reusable and disposable options in a wide variety of electrodes. For assistance with finding the right electrode, call us at 800.433.7797.

Question: Can Electrodes Be Used By More Than One Patient?
Electrodes are designed for single use with one patient to avoid any type of cross contamination.

Question: Can A Medical Electrode Be Powered Remotely?
Specific types of electrodes, known as dry electrodes, can be used for remote health monitoring through wireless control systems.

Question: How Long Are ECG Electrodes Good For Once Opened?
Once the package is open, the ECG electrodes should be used within 30 days.

Question: How Long Do ECG Electrodes Last?
When unopened and stored correctly, ECG electrodes have a shelf life of up to 24 months from manufacturing and packaging. This information is provided on the outside of the box. Do not use expired electrodes as it can impact results.

Question: How Frequently Do The Electrodes Need To Be Replaced?
Follow policies and protocols regarding the replacement of electrodes. This is typically between 24 to 48 hours, but different factors can reduce this time.

Question: Do ECG Electrodes Expire?
Yes, the expiry date for all our electrodes is printed on the packaging.

Question: What Are ECG Electrodes Made Of?
Each electrode contains a silver/silver chloride electrode or conductor that is surrounded by a gel of potassium or silver chloride or another similar gel material.

Question: How Much Do Electrodes Cost?
Individual case lot pricing for all electrodes sold by Danlee is available on the website.

Question: Which Brands Medical Electrodes Do You Supply?
We offer electrodes by Danlee Medical, GE Medical, ConMed, 3M Red Dot, Kendall/Covidien, and Vermed, to name just a few manufacturers.