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Item #: SE8008J
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Nonin Infant SpO2 Flex Sensor - item #8008J, item #SE8008J 
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While there are different types of oximeter sensors for adults, children require a special type of sensor that can fit them perfectly and help monitor their oxygen levels accurately. This infant pulse oximeter sensor uses Nonin's PureLight technology, making it the most dependable oxygen saturation sensor for accurate readings.

In addition, it combines the convenience and performance of a disposable sensor with the benefits of a reusable sensor. The reusable flex sensor is made of durable silicone and secured with a durable flexiwrap adhesive that is also disposable. This helps you keep a check on your child’s health without disturbing their routine. This Nonin Infant SpO2 Flex Sensor - item #8008J, item #SE8008J pulse oximeter probe for infants is great for extended monitoring and sleep studies.


  • Recommended application site: Great toe
  • Packaged with 25 flexiwraps
  • Accurate and dependable
  • SpO2 readings start with PureLight Sensors
  • 1 Cable
  • for use on infants weighing from 2 to 22 kg (4 to 44 lb)

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