ECG Simulator Products

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your premier source for an extensive range of cardiology products and accessories, including ECG simulator products. Our selection of ECG supplies covers the many requirements necessary for effective care and testing of cardiology patients.

The ECG Simulator

And ECG (electrocardiogram) simulator is an electronic device that is crucial for the testing, design, and development of ECG equipment, including ECG monitors. Primarily, an ECG simulator delivers an electrical signal to an ECG monitor that imitates electrical signal of the human heart, allowing the monitor to be tested for essential diagnostic performance and reliability.

Our ECG Simulator Options

We offer an extensive range of ECG simulator device options including several from Symbio Corp. These simulators are manufactured with medical-grade, exceptional quality materials that manufacturers, medical professionals, and trainers require. From our selection of ECG simulator devices, you have a variety of options for the portable reliable solution you need that delivers relevant heart rhythms for ECG monitors, external pacemakers, and defibrillators. These high-tech simulators mimic standard and advanced emergency cardiac events. They are utilized by manufacturers and trainers on a daily basis around the world.

We also offer a Yellow Jacket ECG/EKG Patient Simulator that is able to emulate bradycardia and tachycardia by switching between five separate speed settings.

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