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Acquisition Modules

Acquisition Modules

ECG Patient Cable Products

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your convenient single source for cardiology equipment and accessories. Part of our extensive medical product line includes cardiac monitor cables and accessories for EKG/ECG equipment. As a trusted provider among EKG/ECG cable and accessories suppliers, we offer an extensive array of these cables to help cardiac medical professionals deliver effective and efficient testing, monitoring, and other patient care services.

Cardiac Monitor Cables

Patient monitoring ECG cables are designed to measure impedance and ECG respiration in pediatric and adult patients. Often, these products include leads that are color-coded and have an embossed plastics location designator. The proper application of the electrodes is possible due to the color codes and positions visible on the cable yoke of the trunk.

The wide array of patient cable options we offer are compatible with the majority of patient monitors in the medical product marketplace. You can find the part, lot, and serial numbers on these EKG/ECG cables to help ensure product traceability and equipment compatibility.

Extensive Cable Selection

If you need one or more types of cardiac monitor cables or other cardiology testing and monitoring products, our online medical and cardiology products store has the specific products and accessories to help you serve your patients effectively. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your 24/7 cardiology patient cable solution provider.

You will sense the quality difference when you replace your old cables with new ECG patient cable products from our selection. The wide range of ECG cables and accessories we offer are available for immediate shipping.

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