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Disposable Apparel

Disposable Apparel

Disposable clothing for use in medical care settings is of primary importance for hospital and medical center staff. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an extensive array of disposable medical clothing options designed to provide proper protection to medical personnel while caring for patients. This includes everything from disposable paper patient gowns to disposable medical drapes, to disposable surgical masks, and more.

Our Selection of Disposable Medical Apparel

The different types of disposable medical clothing we offer include scrub shirts, scrub pants, exam gowns, exam shorts, medical vests, colonoscopy/endoscopy exam shorts, exam vests, isolation gowns, exam cover ups, lab coats, exam capes, shoe covers, coveralls, surgical masks, nurse bouffant caps, obstetrics/gynecology drapes, adult protection underwear, and blood pressure barrier sleeves.

Purpose of Disposable Medical Clothing

Disposable protective clothing keeps you and your clothing protected from the contamination of fluids and tissues for the time in which it is worn, which is usually several hours at the most. Whether disposable paper medical gowns, disposable shirts and pants, disposable exam shorts, disposable colonoscopy shorts, these items are designed with enough durability during their use to protect your clothing and your skin from stains and contamination.

Disposable clothing for hospitals reduces the need to launder clothes that may be biologically contaminated. You can quickly and easily dispose of this clothing and reduce any liability concerns related to the spread of disease during laundering.

Get Disposable Medical Clothing

For more information about the disposable examination gowns, disposable exam vests, disposable medical shorts, and other disposable apparel we offer at Danlee Medical Products, Inc., call us today at 800.433.7797 or complete our contact form.