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EKG Machines

EKG Machines

Portable EKG Machine Options and Accessories for Cardiac Patient Monitoring

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer high quality EKG machines for sale from leading manufacturers in the medical industry, including GEWelch Allyn, and Burdick. Our selection of ECG machines is highly reliable and offered at reasonable pricing. You can achieve optimum test results for the best care of your cardiac patients from the portable ECG machine options available through our inventory and online store.

The Right Portable EKG Machine for Your Facility

Purchasing an ECG/EKG machine is a significant investment, particularly for smaller or newer medical facilities. If your current ECG machine is close to the end of its useful life cycle or if your clinic, hospital, or medical office is growing, you may need to buy additional ECG/EKG machines to accommodate your patients’ needs. When evaluating the purchase of a portable EKG machine, it's important to choose a device that matches your in-house requirements in terms of functionality, efficiency, and cost. With the right machine, you can increase workflow, enhance patient care, and save on costs at the same time.

Our selection of EKG machines and associated accessories for sale include ECG Welch Allyn machines, Edan Express ECG machines, ECG simulators, Philips PageWriter, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, Burdick-Mortara ELI 230 Compact ECG System, Mortara S12 Surveyor Patient Monitoring System, GE Medical MAC 2000 ECG Analysis System, Schiller Cardiovit FT-1 with ETM Interpretation Software, and so much more!

Your Premier Source for Portable ECG Machine Options

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your trusted source for ECG/EKG machines to help you perform reliable cardiology monitoring for your patients.

Buy portable ECG/EKG machine and other products and accessories right here on our website.

FAQs EKG Machines

Question: What Is An EKG Machine?
An EKG machine can be a larger or a small portable device that is used to monitor and to record the electrical signals in the heart. It is attached to the body using specialized electrodes that attach to the skin across the chest.

Question: What Is An EKG Machine Used For?
An EKG or electrocardiogram machine is used to record the electronic signs that control the functioning of the heart.

Question: What Does An EKG Show About The Heart?
The EKG shows the heart rhythm. This is used to diagnose heart attacks, heart disease, the functioning of pacemakers, and any abnormal rhythms in the heart.

Question: What Is The Difference Between An EKG And An ECG?
They are both the same, with EKG using the German spelling of electrokardiogramm as opposed to the English electrocardiogram.

Question: What Is The Cost Of An EKG Machine?
With several different options in EKG machines, prices vary. For specific pricing, check our website or call us at 800.433.7797.

Question: Are Portable EKG Machines Accurate?
Yes, the models of portable EKG machines must meet rigid standards for use with patients.

Question: What Does An EKG Machine Look Like?
Small and portable, the compact types of EKG machines with paper records look similar to phone answering machines and older style calculators. Small wearable EKG machines are about the size of a small camera and can be worn on the body. They connect to the patient with wires that are connected to electrode pads.

Question: How Accurate Are EKG Machines?
EKG machines are highly accurate for heart rhythm irregularities in most cases, but they can produce false positives in testing for heart attacks.

Question: What Company Makes EKG Machines?
Edan USA is a leading company producing EKG machines. Other companies manufacture these devices.

Question: Can Nursing Schools Buy EKG Machines Per FDA Rules?
Rules regarding medical equipment purchases are constantly changing. For any questions, check with your facility or call us at 800.433.7797.

Question: How Much Electricity Runs Through An EKG Machine?
There is no electricity running from the machine to the patient. Instead, the electrode pads sense electrical signals in the heart and relay that to the machine.