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Gel Warmers

Gel Warmers

Gel warmers are used to ensure the gel used in cardiology and ultrasound applications is at a comfortable temperature for the body when applied. Why is ultrasound gel warm? It keeps the patient comfortable, relaxed, and therefore, more cooperative during the procedure. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we carry an extensive selection of gel warming product options that include features to ensure the perfect temperature gel when applied to the patient’s skin. Whether you need an Ideal gel warmer or Thermasonic gel warmer, we have you covered.

Our Selection of Gel Bottle Warmer Products

Our inventory includes an array of gel warmer options for various cardiology and other medical practice needs. Gel warmers usually include a thermostat to make sure the gel is maintained at a comfortable temperature, not too cold and not too hot. Temperature settings on these warmers can range from low, to medium, to high. Knowing how to warm ultrasound gel is easy with these devices. Users can view and control the gel temperature on LED screens on these devices, ensuring it is safe to apply.

Ideal and Thermasonic ultrasound gel warmer products come in various size and quantity options, including single, double, triple, and quadruple bottle units. Some gel warmers may be placed on the counter for easy access or mounted on the wall. If you to transport gel warmers to another location, many models offer great portability. Many gel warmers also come with standard warranties.

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