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Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

The blood pressure parts and accessories we offer at Danlee Medical Products, are manufactured to high quality standards to ensure your cardiology practice is operating at full potential. We offer an array of blood pressure accessories such as blood pressure gauges and valves, blood pressure cuff accessories, and more. We are your premier source for these types of parts and accessories to assist our customers in benefitting from equipment with a long, uninterrupted service life, including diagnostic products such as our blood pressure monitors.

Our Selection of BP Parts and Accessories

The various blood pressure parts / accessories we offer in our selection include the disposable blood pressure cuff barrier sleeve, digital BP monitor AC adapter, aneroid gauge, blood pressure bulb and valve, NIBP hose, plastic lure connector, metal screw connector, blood pressure barrier sleeve, wall mount with basket, imaging thermal paper, latex inflation bulb without valve, NIBP monitor desk caddy, and more!

You never know when you might need one or more blood pressure parts and accessories to ensure your cardiology care services are not interrupted or fall short. Whether blood pressure cuff replacement parts, blood pressure monitor accessories, and more, make sure you are adequately supplied with the parts and accessories you need for your blood pressure diagnostic testing and monitoring requirements.

Contact Us for Blood Pressure Accessories and Parts

For more information about the BF cuff parts, adapters, valves, connectors, and more we offer at Danlee Medical Products, Inc., call us today at 800.433.7797 or leave us a message through our contact form.