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Holter Equipment

Holter Equipment

Cardiac Holter Monitor System and Accessories

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your premier source for cardiology supplies and equipment with a product line that includes exceptional and dependable cardiac Holter monitor and other associated accessories. We offer a wide range of these Holter monitor systems and supporting products to help you provide the most effective and efficient cardiac testing and monitoring services for your patients.

ECG/EKG Holter Monitor

We offer a state-of-the-art Burdick technology to accommodate the budgets of our customers. As a PC-based system, the Burdick Vision Holter monitor system automatically organizes and analyzes EKG/ECG data supplied from the Holter recorder. This monitor system delivers fast results for clinicians. Data review and editing is efficient and fast through the systematic, meticulous artifact identification achieved with the Burdick Vision Holter monitor system. The system offers online videos and self-guiding menus to make the operation of the device simple for the beginner. The vision Holter monitor system also generates a succinct report as chosen by the user after the analysis is complete.

Heart Holter Accessories

Whether you need a Holter recorder, flash card for NE monitoring, DigiTrack Plus Holter recorder, download cable, compact flash card, NE monitor Holter enhanced software, Northeast monitoring 3-Channel DR400 Holter monitor kit, and more, we have you covered. Danlee Medical Products, Inc. is an authorized holter equipment provider of the most respected, quality brands in the industry including Burdick Vision™, Forest Medical™, PhilipsWelch-allyn, NE Monitor, Burdick Mortara and more.

Your Source for the Cardiac Holter Monitor System and More

At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., you can count on us to provide you with an extensive selection of Holter equipment, including ECG and EKG monitors accessories to help you deliver the proper care to your cardiology patients.

Shop for EKG/ECG Holter Monitor and other heart Holter products and accessories right here on our website.

FAQs Holter Monitor

Question: What Is A Holter Monitor?
A small, battery-operated device that is worn around the neck, across the shoulders in a pouch, or on the waist. The device, about the size of a small camera, is attached to the skin of the chest with electrodes.

Question: What Can I Expect From A Holter Monitor?
This is a painless, non-invasive way to monitor and record heart rhythms as you go about your daily routines or when monitored in a hospital setting. It is placed on your body and the electrodes attached by technicians.

Question: Why Do People Wear Holter Monitors?
These monitors allow doctors to have an accurate record of the functioning of the heart through a continuous period of time. A diary is kept with the recording to provide medical staff with a complete picture.

Question: What Are The Risks Of Holter Monitors?
There are no health risks associated with the use of a Holter monitor. For those with sensitivities to tapes of adhesives, notify the technician, and an alternate form of tape or adhesive can be used to attach the electrode pads.

Question: What Should I Expect With The Holter Monitor?
The monitor is very comfortable to wear and can be set on a nightstand for normal sleep. Do not wet the electrode area (no showers, baths, swimming, etc.), and do not have x-rays when wearing the device.

Question: What Happens After Wearing A Holter Monitor?
Return to the doctor's office or clinic at the appointed time and the monitor will be removed by the technician.

Question: How Much Does A Holter Monitor Cost?
Different models of Holter monitors have different prices. We also stock accessories and supplies for the monitors.

Question: Is A Holter Monitor Accurate?
Yes, it is highly accurate.

Question: What Can A Holter Monitor Detect?
Changes, irregularities, or patterns in heart rate.

Question: Are Holter Monitors Covered By Insurance?
Generally, they are covered, but check with your health insurance provider.

Question: When Using A Holter Monitor What Supplies Do You Need?
The technician will provide all the required equipment and supplies. This includes the electrodes, wires, monitor/recorder, and the carrying pouch.

Question: Why Do I Need A Holter Monitor?
Your doctor will require the use of a Holter Monitor for up to 72 hours to track and record your heart rate and heart rhythm. This is used to determine irregular heartbeats, evaluate heart medications, or check pacemaker equipment functioning.