Holter Cases and Related Accessories

If you wear a Holter monitor, a Holter monitor carrying case is a convenient solution to allow you to carry the monitor around on a daily basis. Many of the carrying cases we offer come with a convenient shoulder strap to make carrying and transporting your Holter monitor a breeze. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a vast selection of Holter cases and related accessories to make the use of your Holter monitor an easier task.

Our Extensive Line of Holter Cases and Related Accessories

The selection of Holter cases and other associated items we offer include the Reusable Belt for Quinton Q-Stress Patient Cable, Belt Clips, Reusable Adjustable Holter Monitor Waist Belt, Reusable Pouch for Quinton Q-Stress ECG Cable, Reusable Adjustable Holter Monitor Shoulder Strap, Reusable Holter Monitor Carrying Case, Instromedix Neck Lanyard, Northeast Monitoring Holter Recorder Label for DR200 Series Units, Braemar Burdick Compatible Plastic Belt Clip, GE Medical Seer Light Holter Pouch w/ belt, and strap, GE SEER® Light Battery Door Cover, Burdick Clear Plastic Case with Clip, SEER™ 1000 Pouch with Waist Belt and Shoulder Belt, GE CAM 14 and SEER MC Recorder Stress/Exercise Belt, Philips Digitrak XT Battery Door, and Mortara/Quinton Q Stress Pouch/Belt Kit for Replaceable Patient Stress Cable.

Whether you need a Holter monitor carrying case, reusable Holter monitor case, or disposable Holter monitory carrying pouches, we have you covered with our extensive selection.

Contact Us for Holter Monitor Carry Case Products and Accessories

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