A Holter monitor is secured in place with a Holter pouch or bag. This type of heart monitor pouch contains the monitor as it is worn by the patient. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a range of Holter pouches designed to carry various Holter monitors and recorders.

Comfort is important when wearing a Holter device due to the fact that it may be worn for dozens of hours. These pouches are comfortable for patients to wear and they keep the monitors securely in place.

Our Selection of Disposable Monitor Holter Pouches

We offer an extensive selection of disposable monitor Holter/Recorder pouches for various brands of Holter recorders, including Advanced Biosensor, Brentwood/Midmark, Forest Trillium, Datrix, Rozinn, Zymed Digitrak, Philips/Zymed, Scottcare/Rozinn, Braemar, Northeast Monitoring, Welch Allyn, Delmar Aria Spacelabs, GE, Mortara, and Quinton, in addition to other related items.

Exceptional Quality Holter Pouches

The Holter pouches we offer are manufactured to an exceptional level of quality according to precision standards with top-grade materials to ensure excellent reliability and performance. These Holter bag products include long ties which wrap around the neck of the patient’s torso or neck to ensure a snug fit. The blue or white SMS non-woven material of these pouches gives them the needed durability and comfort for extended use. Made for use by a single patient, these disposable Holter monitor and recorder pouches prevent contamination between patients.

Get Disposable Monitor Holter Pouches

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