Helping Patients with Diabetes Live Healthier Lives

DYNAREX_SYRINGES_NEEDLE Simple. Practical. Intuitively designed for safety.  The proper injection technique is very important and Dynarex safety syringes are specifically constructed for improved adherence to injectable therapies; critical to helping patients with diabetes live healthier lives.  Dynarex safety syringes are designed with an insightful safety feature which retracts the needle back into the barrel and breaks the plunger to prevent needle stick injury. Hands and fingers remain away from the needle during injection and activation of safety mechanism and the needle is secured into the barrel of the syringe so that it cannot be reused. These syringes have clear, bold markings to assure dosage accuracy and is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and sterile; helping to maintain a proper diabetes regimen.  Danlee Medical understands that when dealing with a challenging diagnosis like diabetes that insulin syringes are a critical tool when maintaining proper blood glucose levels. Managing diabetes is not easy, but with support from your family members and trusted healthcare provider can make it much easier.

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