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What are the Advantages of a Holter Monitor?

When the heart beats in an abnormal fashion, the condition is referred to as arrhythmia. This includes the heart racing, working too slow, or skipping a beat. If a doctor diagnoses you with this condition, he or she may recommend you wear a Holter monitor for a number of days to record the activity of your heart over an extended period of time. This monitor may be worn during hospitalization or while at home performing routine tasks. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc. we offer various Holter monitors, including Welch Allyn and Philips models that provide accurate heart monitoring and testing. Continue reading

What Are the Features to Look for Before Buying an ECG Machine?

There are different types of electrocardiography (ECG) machines on the market that provide various features – everything from the standard hand-held devices to machines with many more features used in hospitals. Regardless of size and capabilities, they all work in a similar manner to discover abnormalities in heart activity. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an array of ECG machine and accessory options to assist cardiac providers with patient monitoring and care. These include large size and portable ECG machine options.

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Your Source for Cardiology Medical Equipment Online

One of the most important aspects of healthcare involves cardiology and cardiovascular treatment services. It is vital for hospitals and medical practices to utilize the latest technology when it comes to caring for a population with many comorbidities that affect cardiac health. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a vast array of cardiology medical equipment online for sale. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using a Portable Ultrasound Machine

For diagnostic purposes, ultrasound machines have been used in the world of medicine for many years. However, advances in technology have enabled an expanded use of ultrasound in the form of portable ultrasound machines. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an array of portable ultrasound machine options that are useful in cardiology care settings.

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How to Obtain Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

Patients of all ages, but particularly elderly patients sometimes have health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, diabetes, and more that may be the result of prolonged lack of physical movement and home confinement. It is important for these individuals to acquire home medical equipment and supplies that can improve their quality of life. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an extensive array of home medical supplies online designed to meet the needs of patients who have cardiology concerns, whether at a medical care facility or in-home. Continue reading

Advantages of Purchasing Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment (DME) is defined as equipment deemed medically essential as prescribed by a doctor for use in the home of the patient. According to Medicare, DME is any equipment capable of enduring repetitive use when it is used for medical purposes. The anticipated service life of the equipment must be three years minimum, and it cannot be considered useful to non-injured or non-sick persons. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for an array of cardiology medical equipment online, including durable medical equipment for in-home use. Continue reading

5 Ways Our ECG Simulators Can Improve Your Healthcare Skills

If you are undergoing cardiac issues, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is often the first test your medical provider will perform. Millions of ECGs are conducted each year by cardiology professionals checking patients’ cardiac health. In many cases, the diagnosis used involves the 12-lead ECG. However, if the leads are not properly placed or something else goes wrong, the results cannot be trusted. Proper use of an ECG is required to ensure accurate results. This is why ECG simulators are used. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., along with ECG simulators, we are your source for multiple ECG machine options that enable the accurate monitoring of patient heart activity. Continue reading

What Are The Reasons For Using A Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is used to record the electrical activity of the heart on a continuous basis over a period of one to two days. This type of heart monitor performs an extended version of an electrocardiogram (ECG). This form of monitoring enables cardiology professionals to monitor and diagnose myocardial ischemia (reduced supply of blood to the heart) and cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats). At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for a number of ECG Holter monitor products, including Philips and Welch Allyn monitors, for accurate patient monitoring and testing. Continue reading

What Are The Applications Of Medical Electrodes?

Electrodes are important devices for patient monitoring and testing needs. These medical electrodes are available in various sizes, adhesive strength, backing, and packaging combinations. Due to the multiple options with electrodes, it can be a challenge to select the right ones for your application. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for numerous ECG electrodes to match various patient skin types and monitoring situations, including Vyaire electrodes and Vermed electrodes.

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Reasons Why Medical Practices Sometimes Avoid An EMR And Stick With Paper Charts

Are you considering a transition from paper charts to emergency medical records (EMR) in your medical practice? If you are still using paper charts, you may have thought the switch to EMR would be too expensive or interfere with your relationship with your patients. Both the setup costs and the implementation can be highly challenging in some cases. Below we cover why medical practices sometimes keep using paper charts in lieu of switching to an EMR system. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc. we offer an array of products to help you with your cardiology medical practice, including medical recording chart paper.

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