Our Heartbeat


Danlee Medical was created for profit to provide our customers with end user life- saving solutions which we will deliver through unmatched customer service while offering team members challenge and opportunity. We will all be given the chance to shine and discover and meet our own personal potential in a supportive positive environment.


We are a team of dedicated and intelligent people here to serve our company while servicing our clients and through our diverse professional experiences will share our knowledge and support one another.


Through our growth in size and in profits, Danlee Medical will provide personal growth and earnings opportunities to our individual team members.  In 2013, we will:

Grow company revenue to $XXXXX from $XXXXX in 2012, so that we can improve upon our company infrastructure allowing advanced opportunities for our individual team members.

Earn a gross margin of XXX%, meeting all department budget numbers ensuring a profit margin of XX% so that additional funds are available to reinvest in our own personal and company development. Continue to update and or maintain our company website.  Take steps to help us increase our web presence which will result in additional customers and sales revenue. Our goal is to increase web sales in 2013 to approximately $XXXXXX

The continuation of innovative marketing ideas/strategies will be a priority to aide us in increasing our market exposure to help us reach our sales goals.

Re-tool our business for maximum efficiencies to assist us in meeting our 2013 profit goal and to ensure we’re growing our business in the smartest way possible.


First and foremost, we will accomplish our goals through service to our company, customers, and each other. We respect that we are all interdependent of one another and recognize the importance of bringing it every day to accomplish our shared focus. In doing so we will reap greater benefit than if we simply focused on our own self-interests.

We understand that our work is much more a journey than a destination.  There will be challenges along the way, but each of those challenges will be looked at as an opportunity to learn from, rather than a problem.

Our behavior will always support our reason for being in existence. Instead of centralized power and control, we expect that every team member will get his or her brain in the game. That means we’ll always be honest with our unselfish feelings and opinions.  Through personal empowerment, everyone here has great opportunity for both, personal and professional development.  This is our guarantee to each other: Each person will “get out” of this in direct proportion to what he or she “puts in” relative to the content of our commitments to each other stated here.  In other words, personal achievement will be achieved through service to others and our company as a whole rather than through politics, lobbying, and other team- destructive tactics. To support this, the owner and senior leadership team at Danlee Medical are committed to ensuring people are rewarded for their contributions; not for simply showing up.


We are all committed to genuinely caring about our company, our customers, and each other all of the time; without exception. We will show unwavering respect to one another through open communication and honesty, even if this is personally uncomfortable.

It is understood that true development comes from learning and then executing new ideas and strategies on a consistent basis. We’re committed to exploring and searching for new, improved ideas to better help each other, our customers, and our company. Leaders (Supervisors,Management & the Executive Team) are encouraged to make decisions relative to their department using the President for guidance/training. Education will allow us to stay current with our industry and may additionally come in the form of outside training.

A strong value is placed on the tone of our workplace. We spend most of our waking hours together and are committed to making our time together as harmonious as practical.  Regardless of personal opinion or other personality differences, we’re all on the same team and have the same overall goals. We all agree to “fight the good fight” together.

Danlee Medical needs to be a fun, safe place to work. We all agree to do our best every day and carry ourselves in a positive manner in our words, our tone, and our energy. When we have personal or professional challenges, we will address them head-on.  This means we will use the proper “chain of command” and take our concerns directly to the person or people that can make changes instead of “venting” (also known as gossiping or complaining) to other people that do not have the ability to fix or explain the situation.  This will do much to continuously strengthen our trust in each other and promote happiness and security in each of us.

We value flexibility and understand that development comes through change. Some of that change is planned; some is forced on us. Either way, our flexibility will allow us to grow rather than to “get snapped” by change. These are the words and phrases that sum up our company culture:


Positive in attitude and in actions





Candid / Honest





Serious about our work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously






Accepting of responsibility (taking ownership)


In exchange for our personal commitments to our company, our customers, and one another, the owner and senior leadership team at Danlee Medical promises intelligent decision making that will allow our company to continue to provide advancement opportunities to our individual team members.

At Danlee Medical, we can always say this with conviction:  Nobody beats our heart!

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