The Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable medical equipment is more easily accessible and more affordable compared to standard ultrasound equipment. It can go where the patient is helping doctors make an effective diagnosis and provide treatment in a prompt manner. Portability has also stretched medical care to remote parts of the world, even in tightly constrained spaces that cannot accommodate larger sized equipment. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we are your source for an array of portable ultrasound machine accessories.

There are many advantages to portable ultrasound equipment that help doctors and patients alike. If you don’t know whether to buy portable ultrasound for your facility or clinic, below are some benefits you should know about.

Accurate and Timely Diagnosis

Portable ultrasounds provide speedy and accurate diagnoses at the location of the patient. Portable ultrasounds can be moved quickly from room to room, enabling doctors to evaluate patients thoroughly and make a timely and proper diagnosis.

Less Waiting Time for Patients

If there is one large piece of full-sized ultrasound equipment in your facility, medical personnel will tend to direct patients to that room, which can result in significant patient wait times. In addition, a portable ultrasound machine takes up less space, is less expensive and can be easily moved between rooms instead of having to relocate the patient.

Ideal for Emergency Patient Emergencies

During patient emergencies, whether at the emergency room or in an intensive care unit (ICU), portable ultrasound equipment eliminates the need to move at-risk patients by easily relocating the imaging capabilities to the patient’s location. In operating rooms, portable ultrasounds serve an important purpose of directing injections and anesthetic and other procedures. The portable ultrasound machine is key in emergency settings for providing non-invasive, safe, radiation free imaging to patients that cannot be exposed to invasive procedures or harmful radiation.

Many Features and Options Available

Advances in ultrasound technology have resulted in significant developments in portable ultrasound equipment. As a result, a portable ultrasound machine can provide the high-quality imaging that was once reserve to larger and bulkier equipment. Also, portable devices are becoming smaller with more advancements and include hand-held scanners and laptop-based machines. You can find portable ultrasounds that may be used for 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging, and can provided image optimization and high-contrast resolution.

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