What are Some Key Features to Look for When Buying an ECG Machine?

Not all ECG machines have the same capabilities. When you are in the market for one or more new ECG machines, it is important to know what features to look for before making a purchase. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer an array of ECG machines, including ECG electrodes for sale that meet the varying needs of cardiology care centers.

Some of the features you may need when evaluating ECG machines for purchase include:

At Least 3 Channels of Simultaneous ECG Data

Does the ECG have the standard 12 leads operating simultaneously? At a minimum, does it have 3 channels of ECG data operating at the same time? Ideally, the ECG should have the capability to print a minimum of 3 leads of the waveform, allowing for leads to be manually switched.

Continuous (or Long-Term) Monitoring

A cardiologist may prescribe an electrocardiograph for a patient when he or she suspects abnormal cardiac activity. Over a period of one to two days, the patient’s heart activity is recorded by means of electrodes positioned in the patient’s chest which are connected to a case worn as a pendant around the neck or on the belt. During this time, the patient is to avoid showers or baths and record periods of rest and activity and any symptoms experienced.

Wireless Connection

Wireless ECG systems are installed faster than non-wireless systems, making it especially convenient for the cardiology professional. Also, with no cables involved, interference is reduced, enhancing the reliability of the results.

Automatic Electrocardiogram Analysis

The majority of ECG systems now come with software that evaluates the measured ECG signals, enabling diagnosis of any myocardium pathologies.

Battery Capacity and Charging Time

In less than 15 seconds, the lead should have the ability to charge to maximum over the complete range of battery charge levels. If the unit is not used within two minutes, it should disarm automatically. While line power is disconnected, the ECG should have the ability to operate on batter power, including reporting and interpretation features without interruption.

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